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Help & Info about for windows

  • 1. What is is a sandbox game wherein, as a player, you would be creating, modifying and even scrapping cars and a range of other objects. In other words, you would take a car, customize it to your liking, and drive it around without any restrictions or a specific direction.
  • 2. What is a sandbox game?

    ‘Sandbox’ is basically a gaming style that entails minimal characters, letting the player to loiter and modify the on-screen, virtual world at will. Unlike progression-style gaming, a sandbox game focusses a lot on the “roaming” aspect and letting the gamer select tasks. There are no numbered levels or segmented areas in a sandbox game.
  • 3. How realistic is the game?

    The car’s physics is robustly detailed. simulates almost every aspect of the car being driven – right from the engine and radiator to the tire. As a result, collisions cast realistic damage on the vehicles and the interaction with other objects’ bodies is interesting too.
  • 4. Who is this game for?

    This game is for anyone who craves realism in video games or gets fascinated by true-to-life simulations. Driving cars in this game would almost be like driving a car in real life. Gamers who like their cars to fly in the sky at maximum speed or topple multiple times and then be right back on track would not find this game exciting.
  • 5. Does the realism affect the game in anyway?

    Since is so realistic with its attention to details, the game isn’t 100 percent stable. Instead of the car crashing constantly, the gameplay at times leads to detection of an instability, causing the game to reset and all the extant objects getting back to their starting positions.
  • 6. How are the car’s controls like?

    The car’s controls could be a bother for some gamers. The controls aren’t bad by any means. The problem is they are extremely real car-like, which may force gamers who are accustomed to fast-paced, unrealistic car games calibrate their driving style. These gamers are most likely to crash in the initial stages of playing
  • 7. Does the car gets damaged easily?

    Besides the realistic steering, you would also notice realism in the wear and tear the car incurs. For instance, if you are driving at a speed of 70+ miles per hour and drive over a minor speed bump at the same speed, the car (after it lands) would have incurred some serious body damage.
  • 8. Will this game help me learn car controls for real?

    As you continue playing the game, the car would gradually present you with its various controls. You would come to know how deeper a car’s control levels could be. There is nothing unexpected or unintentional about the driving. The driving is extremely precise and which has its learning curve.
  • 9. How many levels does the game have? is an early access game (at the time of writing this), and you should therefore not expect too many gaming levels. The game modes are sparse and a suite of features are missing. The beta phase of this game also becomes apparent in the lack of any background music and placeholder car sound effects.
  • 10. Does this mean the game is bad?

    No, the game is certainly playable and quite good too. It has its fair share of enjoyable moments, with soft body collisions being extremely great to watch. However, don’t expect the game to be like other car games that are a lot more versatile, polished and complete.


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